The Long Term Effects

After learning about genetically modified foods you may be asking yourself, “what’s the big deal”? How can a little modification cause that much harm? While you may not notice any short term effects right away, there are plenty of long term effects to be recognized. Constantly eating products and foods that have been modified, enhanced, or altered can have many negative side effects. Not to mention you may not even know what you are ingesting and this is something you should always be aware of. These foods can alter your hormones, digestive system, and even mood. Some of the long term effects include:

Long Term Care

While one or two genetically modified meals may cause no harm, the problem comes into play when we examine years and years of genetically modified foods. Especially for those who plan to live long lives. Due to the fact that these additives and chemicals can reduce your health they may lead to further health complications as you age. Perhaps, that is why long term care facilities make an effort to avoid these foods and instead provide whole meals for their residents. Continuing to consume these foods which are not conducive to your health may increase your risk for needing long term care down the road as those with chronic illness are usually the ones which require the most care.

My Advice

My advice would be to be more mindful the next time you grocery shop. Try to avoid GMO’ s when possible and opt for organic or whole food options, Look for less ingredients and ingredients you are familiar with. Try to avoid ingredients you can not pronounce or have never heard of as this is usally not a good sign.

If you love GMO’s and have no intention of giving them up, my advice would be to opt for healthier options elsewhere such as more sleep and adequate exercise. Additionally, I would advise you look into your long term care insurance options as you may need them. You may opt for a hybrid long term care insurance policy or perhaps the traditional versus the Hybrid LTC route. Hybrid Long Term Care insurance is traditional long term care insurance mixed with the offerings of life insurance. A Hybrid Long Term Care plan can help you cover the costs of your long term care later down the line.