GMO Foods Discussed

Genetically modified foods are foods that we generate from different organisms. The organisms usually have specific changes that we introduce into their DNA using the methods of genetic engineering. The use of genetic engineering allows the introduction of new traits. It also gives greater control over characteristics than the previous methods that were in use such as mutation and selective breeding. Most of the plants that these techniques are in the application include tomatoes, potatoes Bt cotton, Bt corn and other vegetables. You may be willing to produce genetically modified foods for the purpose of solving food shortage, but it may have a consequential impact on your health.

There are several reasons that will warn you from consuming genetically modified foods. The impact of the GMO foods to your health is alarming the need to avoid them hence. Some of the reasons include:

The GMOs are unhealthy to human life

In some of the already developed countries, the governments of respective different countries urge the doctors to prescribe the non-GMO diets to all patients they treat. To consolidate their argument, they use different studies that show organ damage, immune system disorders and cases of infertility in animals. When one consumes the GM foods, it leaves behind some materials inside the body. The materials result in long-term problems. Some of the common disorders include reproductive disorders, autism, and digestive problems.

The GMOs can contaminate forever

The plant in the usual case usually undergoes pollination. In GMOs, the seeds may travel long distances and hence tends to be difficult to clean adequately up the contaminated gene pool. The Self-propagating GMO pollution can outlast the consequences of the global warming as well as nuclear waste. The contaminations also cause a loss in non-GMO farmers as well as the organic who struggle in vain to keep the plants pure.

The GMOs increases herbicide use

The GM crops are not herbicide friendly hence engineering the tolerance of the most deadly weed killer. It, therefore, leads to the overuse of herbicides by the farmers while spraying the crops. To some farmers, they are opting to use more toxic herbicides each year. The GM foods are, therefore, a barrier in fighting weeds.

Dangerous side effects in genetic engineering

The genetic engineering involves mixing genes from different species. In the process, it unleashes many unpredictable side effects. Any process in genes engineering is, therefore, prone to causing collateral damage that may initiate new toxins, carcinogens, and allergens. In most countries, the government is firm in their rule of no GM foods in their countries.

The biotech industry usually uses fake methods to claim GMO safety

Most biotech companies that we rely on giving us information about the food security are now undermining their profession by using orthodox methods to cover up the real effects of the GM foods. They’re now using the very same old methods to convince the consumers that GMOs are very safe. To the farmers rescue, the independents scientists have come out to clarify on the matter. They are now in a position to show how they manipulate and distort the findings. Some have been doing it through being funded. It hence proves how GM foods can be dangerous to our health.

GMOs can harm the environment

Most of the crops which are genetically modified have herbicides. The herbicides are so dangerous and can easily harm the birds, insects, marine ecosystem and soil organisms. In the process, they lead to water pollution and reduce bio-diversity. In some countries, this has lead to small numbers of monarch butterflies, whose current population is decreasing at a high rate of 50 %.

The GMOs cannot increase yields

The most reason one would be willing to generate something new would be to increase production but that’s contrary to the production of GM foods. The GMOs are not at any time increasing the yields hence working against feeding the hungry people. In most cases, the yields of the GM foods decline and fall behind in the urge of attaining the main goal of reducing hunger. The GM food does not improve the nutrition, health and poverty conditions. They, therefore, divert resources and money that can otherwise be in use in reliable technologies.

Increase in allergies

In the process of importing new genes, there is always a creation of a new protein that has never been there before. The new proteins in most cases trigger a reaction in the body. The governments of different countries are stopping some of the products of GMOs to access the market for consumption. The scientists have been giving precautions to such proteins that cause allergies. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also been critical in the issue of GMOs. The organization has been urging for the GM crops not to be in the commercial market, or additional testing should be done.

GMOs put pregnant women and babies at a significant risk

According to research, the babies are in high danger of being in infections from the toxins and dietary problems. At this stage, the children will be the experimental animal. The consequence of such foods can be infant mortality, infertility and paralyzed infant. Low birth weight babies may also be an effect of the GM foods.

Leads to death of animals

In some countries, the animals feed on cotton plants after harvesting. Some of them graze on the Bt cotton plants that result in their death automatically. The post mortem shows irritation and black patches in both intestine and liver. After thorough investigations, evidence indicates the presence of toxins that are as a result of GMOs.

GMOs provokes immune reactions

In numerous researches done, there is a significant change in immune systems In rats feed on Bt corn. Soy and grains contain two new proteins that have allergic properties. The GM soy has up to seven times more trypsin inhibitor that is a commonly known soy allergen.


The GMOs have been facing opposition in all countries worldwide. The disadvantages of the GM foods have been numerous compared to the motives of generating them. It has lead to the doctors in declining to approve the GM foods as fit for consumption.